A structural survey is a detailed inspection of the property based on a visual inspection.

These are typically carried out on both new and second hand properties prior to purchase to identify any significant problems or repairs that may be of concern to the prospective purchaser.

The inspection involves a thorough investigation of all aspects both interior and exterior. Our Chartered Building Surveyors will prepare a detailed report which includes an appraisal of the building fabric including construction, analysis of defects identified with appropriate repairs required and an estimated cost to complete the necessary works.

Defects analysis is an investigation into a specific problem or defect with a property. This process involves the identification of the defect with recommendations for repairs. In some cases, opening up works are required to determine the exact cause and our detailed report will provide the necessary course of action required to eliminate the problem with budget estimated costs for the necessary repairs.

At ABL Surveyors, our Chartered Building Surveyors are specifically trained in the process of diagnosing and analysing a particular problem or defect and recommending detailed specific repairs where required. We can also act as an expert witness for legal proceedings and also prepare detailed reports for management companies and building agents. The most common defects which appear to be a causing significant problems in today’s modern buildings include condensation, mould growth, damp penetration, cracking and poor workmanship.

A Snag List involves a detailed inspection of new properties to identify any specific problems or defects prior to purchasing or signing of contracts for closure of sale. This will also take into consideration all aspects of the property in relation to compliance with the Building Regulations.

It is an ideal opportunity by the prospective purchaser to prepare a list of items that require repairs by the contractor.

At ABL Surveyors, we can if required, carry out re-inspections of the property to ensure that all the necessary work has been completed to our client’s satisfaction.

A planning search should be carried out on all property transactions prior to completion of contracts.

This process involves a detailed examination of the planning history of the site in the relevant Local Authority and takes into consideration enforcement notices, compulsory purchase orders, road widening, unauthorised developments, zoning and previous planning applications.

We can also inspect the files relating to adjoining sites to identify any major development works which may have been granted planning permission.

At ABL Surveyors we offer a full range of certificates of compliance which is presented in the format recommended by the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland.

These include compliance with Building Regulations, Planning Permission and Fire Safety Certification. We also prepare certificates of Exemption from Planning Permission for relevant structures/works.

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