ABL Surveyors can provide a wide range of Land Services applicable to all Private, Public, Legal or other professional sectors. We can provide the following services to meet your requirements:
Purchasing a property will be the most expensive possession and decision that you are ever likely to make, therefore at ABL Surveyors we can determine that the boundaries of your property compare favourably with the Title Documents and can advise whether there are likely to be any future disputes or disagreements over your boundaries.

At ABL Surveyors we can provide Topographical Surveys to meet your requirements such as the development of a green field site, boundary surveys, planning applications and urban projects.

All natural features such as trees, banks, water courses, roads, fences, paths, services etc. are surveyed using the latest technology available namely Leica GPS and Robotic Total Stations. We use Reflectorless Total Stations to survey hard to reach detail such as ridge and eaves heights, building positions and detail on neighbouring properties without requiring access. All our surveys can be produced to a variety of scales and are produced in the ITM co-ordinated system with levels related to the Malin Head Datum. Surveys are normally output into CAD format and supplied digitally for your Architect/Designer to use in their final design.

If your property or part of a property requires a new title, the new plot needs to be outlined on a map which will meet the requirements of the Land Registry (Property Registration Authority). At ABL Surveyors we can meet these requirements in conjunction with your solicitor to offer the complete service of site and land survey, area certification and production of title maps for submission to Land Registry.

Where a development involves separate registration of apartments, flats, floors, retail units etc., floor plans must be submitted to the Land Registry for the following reasons: –

For a suitability check before the first application for registration is lodged.

To clearly and unambiguously identify the boundary/extent of each unit.

To provide a version of the plans that will become the Land Registry Map to enable registrations take place.

We can prepare these maps from full measured survey of the floor plans, preparation of maps to meet compliance with rules set out by the Land Registry and submission of maps for approval to the Land Registry. All of the above will be prepared in conjunction with your solicitor to ensure that it is in the correct format for attaching to individual leases or contract of sale.

ABL Surveyors provides detailed Lease Map measurements which accurately calculate the Nett Lettable or Gross Internal areas of commercial premises.  These Lease maps can then be attached to commercial lease agreements. All our measurements are carried out in accordance with the current International Property Measurement Standards.

Boundary Disputes can be a stressful, worrying and costly experience if you ever become involved in such an issue. At ABL Surveyors we can provide you with assistance in the identification of boundary lines and can offer considered and practical advice on how best to proceed. We provide a detailed report, measurements and photographic schedule of the disputed area to incorporate comparisons with historical, deed maps or Land Registry Folio maps. We can also act as an expert witness should the need arise and we have given evidence as an expert witness on boundary disputes up to and including the High Court.

ABL Surveyors can set out using traditional methods for one off buildings or using co-ordinates for multiple buildings, foundations and pile grids for various contractors. We can also establish a series of control points through a closed network traverse around a development for future setting out by on-site engineers.

Floor Plans: Detailed floor plans are produced for existing buildings to facilitate Architects with refurbishment or space planning. All sizes and types of buildings including protected structures are surveyed accurately, including complicated buildings. Measurements are taken with reflectorless instruments, tapes and/or hand held lasers as required.

Elevations: These can be both measured manually or remotely using reflectorless instruments and digital rectified photography as required producing detailed as-built scaled drawings of facades. Streetscapes and contiguous building lines can be produced if required.

ABL Surveyors can provide your organisation with detailed floor plans prepared in AutoCAD in accordance with International Property Measurement Standards (IPMS). We will calculate the IPMS1, IPMS2 and IPMS3 floor area standards to accurately determine floor areas for leasehold properties.

By using IPMS, investors are able to benchmark their property portfolios to a recognised standard rather than spending time and effort creating bespoke standards, or calibrating and translating reports produced to the previous standards. Importantly, the IPMS is designed to work alongside existing recognised international standards for accountancy (International Financial Reporting Standards – IFRS) and valuation (International Valuation Standards – IVS), making financial reporting more transparent too.

IPMS should be adopted for all new building leases and ABL can provide detailed floor area calculations for offices and in due course for retail, industrial and residential properties as the standards are adopted for these building types.

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